Award-winning RTD cocktail pouches handmade by mixologists in small batches.

Our cocktail recipes are standout signatures and riffs on the classics. Bar quality ingredients and high alcohol content means that you can enjoy the experience of drinking professional grade cocktails at your convenience. The unique packaging makes these premixed cocktails perfect for dinner parties, big birthdays, family occasions & outdoor events.

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Our packaging reduces transport weight & volume by 45%. It's easy to slip one in your bag, pop it in your pocket, or pack for a party. These cocktails are light on weight but not on alcohol.

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    I'm shelf-stable

    Store them in the cupboard right next to the crisps, for safe keeping. We guarantee 3 months shelf life storing this way.

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    Just chill out

    Keep them in the fridge so that there's always one ready to go. We guarantee 6 months shelf life storing this way.

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    Stop, freeze!

    Transform them into a slushie when you put them in the freezer. We guarantee 12 months shelf life storing this way.

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