Established in Lockdown 2020, Drinkie started off as a a small-town cocktail bottling venture to keep our events business afloat. As we grew in popularity thanks to our delicious recipes, an update was needed.

So we hit up an award-winning designer, employed some young(er) and trendy staff, and transformed into Drinkie. Now the team are working hard to reach their goal of being the best single-serve cocktails.

Premium pouched cocktails with no half measures.

Our little pouched cocktails have been designed by expert mixologists to bring you the taste of joy no matter where you are. Every Drinkie is created with the best ingredients such as premium spirits or juices not from concentrate and cleverly packaged with recyclable materials to be the ideal solution for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Drinkie was designed to be more mobile than other canned cocktails on the market, not mass produced and full of cr*p. The unique pouch design uses soft plastic pouch and fits anywhere, easily. We've stress tested them and they can take quite a beating! So imagine popping one in your bag before a night out, slipping one inside your blazer for a friends party, or adding a few to your picnic on a warm summer's day.

Our website features a selection of 7 seriously sensational, premium cocktails, hand made by our cocktail obsessive. We will also feature limited edition Drinkies in collaboration with other brands to keep things exciting, so keep an eye on our social feeds.

There are 3 ways to enjoy a Drinkie, either with a straw, served on ice, or shaken! We regularly release "how to" videos on social media so give us a follow and check out our highlights or reels.

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