Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the drinks last at room temperature?
Our pouched cocktail recipes are designed to last up to 6 months when chilled, and even longer when frozen. But if you keep them at room temperature (18 degrees celsius) then they will be ok for about 3 months.

Are all of the drinks vegan?
Yes, even our foaming cocktails are vegan as we use a state-of-the-art foaming agent that is free from preservatives and non-gmo too. Even the ink on the packaging is vegan!

Where do you ship to?
We ship all over Great Britain, which includes England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland.

How quickly after ordering can I expect my package to arrive?
In most cases we expect delivery to take no longer than 2 working days. However, if you choose Next Day Delivery or 1st Class delivery at checkout, then we can get the package to you as soon as the next day. Order before 12pm cut off.

Do you have any 0% alcohol options available?
We don't have any 0% alcohol products available at the moment, but we are working on these recipes at the moment to bring you something truly original and delicious.

How do I use my Drinkie Points to buy products?
To use your Drinkie Points, simply login to your account (top right of the homepage), add the products to your basket, and checkout using your point as credit.

If you have a question that was not answered above, then contact our customer services team with this form.


Established in Lockdown 2020, Drinkie started off as Berkhamsted Bottling Co, which was just a small-town cocktail bottling business to keep our events business afloat. As we grew in popularity thanks to our delicious recipes, an update was needed.

So we hit up an award-winning designer, employed some young(er) and trendy staff, and transformed into Drinkie. Now the team are working hard to reach their goal of being the best RTD cocktail.