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Boomting Iced Tea

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Bring your Iced Tea over to the sunny Caribbean, by adding some passionfruit, Lime & Ting! This cocktail was created through Dan's undying love of "Ting" a Caribbean carbonated soda flavoured with grapefruit juice.

How to serve this cocktail at home:
Easie peasie - chill, rip the top and pop in a paper straw.
Level up - no need to chill, just rip the top and pour straight into a tall glass full of ice.
You’re a pro - no need to chill, rip the top and pour straight into a short glass full of ice. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge and you're off!

Ingredients: Vodka, White rum, Gin, Tequila blanco, Triple sec, Citrus blend,  Passionfruit syrup, Grapefruit soda. ABV: 10.5%